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Reviews for The Mother God Made Me to Be

The Mother God Made Me to Be tugs at the reader’s heart with vivid details of the joy of motherhood, the struggles of romance, and the disappointments of life. Yet, with descriptive scenes, the author draws the reader in to savor the journey from pain to a pleasant chapter of restoration, of freedom and acceptance. 
Young Moms will find this story to be a sweet reminder of God’s provision. And in the midst of the challenges of motherhood, we see His redeeming love shine through.    - Janet Perez Eckles (author of Simply Salsa: Dancing Without Fear at God’s Fiesta)

"Ms. Valentin presents an honest and engaging account of what happens when life 
overrides dreams. And, how life can "right itself" and fulfill new dreams."    Susan E. Field  (chaplain at Columbia University,Mom, Gramma,  mentor, pastor's wife at Graffiti Church)

Karen shares both the transcendent joy and the heartache of being a mother in a difficult situation. 

Get ready. The book is hard to put down.     - Taylor Field (Pastor of Graffiti Church New York City)

Karen Valentine’s The Mother God Made Me to Be is a memoir of deep and transparent reality, with all of the everyday mundane sorrows and humor. Karen allows herself to be shown as deeply flawed and joyous in the same moments, hopeful and despondent, holy woman and sinner. In other words, she shows us her and, by doing so, shows us ourselves.     - Robert Casteline (Co-Pastor of Central Baptist Church in NYC)

What a heart warming and inspiring page turner! As a wife and mother of three children, Karen Valentin's book just makes me want to strive to be an even better Mom, everyday. 
Ms. Valentin, with sincere vulnerability and quiet tenderness, shares her journey of love, marriage, birth and eventual divorce with the reader. I had tears in my eyes as I read passages and, in turn, was able to look at my own family with a deeper appreciation and with gratitude. 
Thank you Karen & God bless you and your family. 
- Katherine Hamer 

The book made me realize that I am not alone. There are mother's everywhere with similar stories. Great read! It hits home for me. 
-Eileen Villanueva (single mother of two daughters and co founder of Graffiti Church Single Mom's Ministry)

Being a young, single women with no kids I was unsure if I would be able to relate to the heart of this story and the journey it takes you on. I was so wrong. This was one of the most inspiring, encouraging, and compelling reads I've had in a long time. Sometimes life doesn't turn out how you planned, but your loved ones and your faith can get you through those tough times. Once you pick it up be prepared to not put it down until you've finished it. I couldn't!
- Tory Slope (Missionary)

 Reviews for The Flavor of Our Hispanic Faith

"In a friendly and closely observed way, Valentin offers lived faith, seen through a unique Hispanic lens." —Publishers Weekly, Sept. 1, 2008

"The flow of the words and the pictures painted in each chapter led me to contemplation and reflection on the God who loves us and protects those on the underside of history. And the helpful prayers at the end of each chapter are richly contemplative and inspiring as we kneel before our God who knows the troubles we have seen." —Manuel Ortiz, MDiv, PhD, Author, The Hispanic Challenge, Pastor, Spirit and Truth Fellowship, Professor Emeritus, Westminster Theological Seminary, Philadelphia, PA

“Karen’s stories bring to the life the sacred and secular, making them one and the same. She reminds us that God is in the rice and beans that we eat and in the songs that we sing. God is present in the simple acts of love, friendship, and faith that Hispanics share at home, church, and in the community. I was moved by the power of her faith in the vignettes and blessed by the prayers.” —Pablo R. Diaz, Vice President of Ministries, Guideposts

"Christian readers, whether of Hispanic heritage or not, will find inspiration in the fifty-six stories in this small but moving book. This book could inspire readers to write a history (or keep an oral one) of their own ethnic faith journeys." —Congregational Libraries Today, Jan-Feb 2009 



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