Author Karen Valentin

The Mother God Made Me to Be is Karen Valentin's  journey from Newlywed, to Mother of two, to a single mom trying to heal. With humor, honesty, and raw emotion, Karen tugs at the reader's heart with vivid details of the joys of motherhood, the struggles of romance, the disappointments of life and the restoration from a loving God .

The Flavor of our Hispanic Faith is a spiritual journey that celebrates the unique Hispanic American experience. Through a series of warm and honest meditations, each with an accompanying scripture and prayer, Karen Valentin reflects on family, faith and culture. These stories embody values learned and challenges faced by many Hispanic-American families as they embrace the culture they live within without losing the rich traditions of their heritage. 

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Daily Guideposts is created each year by the Books and Inspirational Media Division of Guideposts. Each Daily Guideposts is filled with spirit-lifting devotions from a number of gifted and spirit-filled contributors. 

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The original title The Flavor of Our Faith was published by Doubleday publishers in 2005.  

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At first, Giselle Johnson, the rich, Long Island teen, hates spending the summer with her cousin Juanita from the Dominican Republic. Juanita represents everything Giselle's been trying to hide in order to fit in. But soon she learns to appreciate her native culture and even learns how to dance to her own rhythm. That is, until her cousin Juanita attracts her high school crush...

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